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U14AA BLAZE - 2019/2020


U14AAs grab GOLD at the Sherwood Park Platinum Ring Tournament November 8 - 10th!!!


U14AAs snag GOLD at the Edmonton Woods Tournament

November 22 - 24th!!!


U14AAs secure SILVER at the

Winnipeg  Mid - Canada Tournament   

December 6 - 8th!!!


U14AAs earn GOLD at the Lacombe Erika Driesen Memorial Tournament

December 13 - 15th!!!


U14AAs grab GOLD at the Esso Golden Ring Tournament

January 17 - 19th!!!!


U14 AAs take GOLD at the Pacific Ring Tournament January 31 - February 2nd!!


U14AA Blaze snag BRONZE at the 2020 Alberta Provincials in Spruce Grove, AB

February 28 - March 1st!!!!

Team division Logos Final 1.jpg

The U14AA Zone 2 Blaze was such a special group of athletes.  Their bond was instant.  All fourteen girls got along from the moment they met.  They challenged each other on the ice and enjoyed each others company off the ice. 

Memorable experiences began on the hillside at the YMCA during our parent meeting, and continued with the Rusty Ring Campout, our team building activities at Sherwood Park, visiting the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, our Christmas Party at Lacombe with the very inappropriate sweaters, the Locked Room during Esso Golden Ring, the Memory Wall activity that we did in Richmond, and most of all our team meals.

They were the team that everyone looked up to, they were fascinating to watch, they inspired others, and they brought the best out of their opponents.

This was a team that meant business.  They practiced with a purpose and their work ethic was second to none.  This work ethic translated into winning a medal in every tournament they entered.  Winning the Esso Golden Ring was a major highlight of our season.

I am so proud of all they accomplished both as individuals and as a team.  

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