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Safety Protocols for Zone 2 AA Ringette

Step 1 of the Government of Alberta’s A Path Forward allows specific indoor ringette activity to occur. Children and youth are allowed to participate in limited team sport activities, subject to mandatory restrictions as outlined by the Government of Alberta.

  • All participants must be 18 years old or younger, except coaches/ instructors.

  • Practices are allowed for indoor and outdoor training.

  • Games are not allowed.

  • Physical distancing must be maintained at all times between all groups and all participants (players, coaches/ instructors) in each group at all times:

  • 3-metres physical distance for indoor activities

  • 2-metres physical distance for outdoor activities

For more information please visit the Government of Alberta Information site at:


Safety Protocols for the association may be found by following this link.


New this year Ringette Alberta requires a Safety Officer for every ringette association.  Zone 2 AA Ringette is fortunate to have Dr. Laurie-Ann Baker, MD, CCFM(EM), FCFP, CCPE step into this role.


The 2020/2021 season brings some unprecedented challenges for our athletes, families and our board. As such, the Zone 2 AA board is doing everything possible to ensure we have a safe and controlled season. Please read the safety measures we are committed to. Failure to comply with safety measures from Zone 2 AA Ringette, Ringette Alberta, the arenas we are at or any Alberta Health measures in effect for the safe return to sport may result in the athlete being removed from our association as well as consequences from Ringette Alberta. 

​Ringette Alberta has a safety measures and consequences document. Please read it and be familiar with it. There will be zero tolerance for any infractions with the safety measures RAB, Ringette Calgary, AHS or Zone 2 AA puts out. Please do not put your athlete, yourself or your cohort in a situation where the consequences will be enforced.


All of Ringette Alberta’s Return to Ringette information can be found here:

Important Information from Ringette Canada can be found here:

Roles and Responsibilities

Reporting a Positive Case of COVID - 19

Arena Protocols

Each arena has different safety protocols for their users.  Please be aware that arenas may change their protocols without warning.  Each facility will have different allowances for spectators and that is at the sole discretion of the facility.  Please ensure you are familiar with arena protocols prior to attending events there.  


Ringette Calgary has done a fantastic job providing information regarding arena protocols.  Check out their link to get all information regarding facilities in the city of Calgary.


City of Calgary 



For other commonly used Zone 2 facilities please click the links below. 





We know this information is overwhelming and there will be more information to come as we receive the most current updates from Ringette Alberta, our arenas and Alberta Health. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 


The Zone 2 AA Board

Covid-19 Safety Plan

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Coaching - Distanced Practice

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CRCA - Indoor Facility Use

crca protocol.png

SLSSC - Indoor Facility Use

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Covid-19 Resources

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