The Zone 2 AA (Z2AA) Ringette Association provides an opportunity for those athletes in Zone 2 to play the sport at a higher competitive level. As such, there is a greater commitment of time, energy and funding associated with the AA program.
The purpose of this document is to inform athletes and their parents/guardians about the team formation process and expectations for the Z2AA program. Please read the entire document and review the Z2AA Operating Policies prior to attending the tryout sessions.

• Athletes intending to tryout Z2AA level team are required to register by July 31, 2020, 11:59 pm by completing the registration form and submitting payment. 
• Early bird tryout fee is $150 if paid by July 15, 2020, 11:59pm. The fee is $175 if paid between July 16 - 31, 2020. The fee is payable by e-transfer to zone2aatreasurer@gmail.com. Registration is considered complete once the non-refundable tryout fee is received.


Athletes from outside of Zone 2 are currently not being considered for placement on the U14AA or U16AA teams as the goal of the association is to develop athletes at the AA level within Zone 2.  Calgary athletes with Calgary addresses are expected to try out for Calgary AA Ringette.  All athletes with Zone 2 addresses are expected to try out for Zone 2 AA Ringette. 

Player release guidelines for the Z2AA Ringette program are conducted in accordance with Ringette Alberta Policy 3.0 and the current Zone 2 bylaws. A release is NOT required for any player moving from their Zone 2 home association to an AA team within Zone 2. Applicants attending tryouts are not requested to provide written notice to their home association.  It is helpful if all athletes inform their home associations of their intent to try out for a Z2AA team so that local associations can plan their ice and teams accordingly.

Coaching applications are currently closed and head coaches have been announced.  Assistant coaches will be selected after teams are formed.

We anticipate the release of the tryout schedule the first week of August, but this is subject to change due to COVID - 19.  Tentative tryout dates will be between August 30 - September 9th, 2020 and will include 3 - 4 ice times per age division.   Athletes will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 ice times. All evaluation dates and times will be posted on zone2aa.com.

An Evaluation Committee will be formed prior to the start of evaluations in accordance with the Z2AA Operating Policies.
The Evaluation Committee will be responsible for selecting players for each team.
The teams will each have a minimum of 13 skaters and 1 goalie.
The team rosters will be declared within 7 days of final evaluations and posted on the Z2AA website (www.zone2aa.com). Registration payment will be arranged after the teams are selected.


If a player misses evaluation(s) due to illness, injury or family emergency, a committee including the Z2AA Executive board, Evaluation Coordinator and head coach will decide whether this player shall be selected. The decision of this committee is final. A doctor's note for illness or injury will be required.  

Parents of all selected players will need to attend a mandatory AGM in the fall of 2020.

The Z2AA teams are considered Zone 2 teams and currently lack a single home rink but consider all Zone 2 Association rinks as home ice (Airdrie, Carstairs, Chestermere, Cochrane, Hussar,  Indus, Rockyford, and Strathmore). The Zone 2 AA program exists through support and cooperation with all the Zone 2 Associations. Ice is still to be determined for the upcoming season.  
If you have any questions regarding the AA program or selection process please do not hesitate to contact the Z2AA Executive.  

Competitive athletes are expected to make ringette their primary activity during the ringette season. Athletes are expected to attend all team activities including: practices, league games, exhibition games, tournaments, playoffs, provincials, off-ice training sessions, fundraising initiatives and any other organized team events. However, it is understood and encouraged that academics and family commitments come before ringette.

1. Practices
   • 2-3 ringette sessions/week (ice and dryland) of 60-90 mins each
   • Best attempts are made to practice at central locations but they could be at any Zone 2 home ice as well as Calgary
   • Mental training sessions will occur over the course of the season

2. Games and Tournaments
   • Z2AA teams play in the Zone 123 League and Black Gold League
   • 14-20 league games/year plus potential exhibition games
   • Minimum 5 tournaments, excluding Provincials, Westerns/Nationals, which are typically:
       - 2 home: Rusty Ring (U14AA)/Ring It On (U16AA) and Esso Golden Ring
       - 2 away (in province): Woods (Edmonton), Ice Breaker (Lacombe)
       - 1 out of province

3. Required Parent Volunteering
   • Minor official duties (time clock, shot clock, score keeper, penalty box)
   • Team positions (manager, treasurer, tournament and meal prep coordinators etc.)
   • Executive/Board (these will be voted on in September)

4. Season Cost Estimates
   • Tryout fee of $150 - $175.  
   • Registration fee $1200 which includes: ice costs, powerskating, and dryland  (excludes tournament and exhibition game costs)
   • Mandatory equipment to purchase: player gear bag, navy helmet (prices vary), game pants (approximately $100)
   • Mandatory team apparel includes jacket, hoodie, dryland shirts (approximately $150)
   • Tournament meal costs are kept down (and more nutritious) by doing team potlucks
   • A jersey repair or replacement contract will be collected by the team manager at the beginning of the season.  

5. Fundraising
   • Teams can decide if they wish to fundraise to cover expenses or do cash calls or seek sponsorship to offset some of these expenses (may include bottle drives, raffles, sponsorship etc.)
   • Currently, the association holds an annual fundraiser social event to offset operational costs. Each member family is required to sell tickets and is encouraged to attend – it’s always a great time and opportunity to get to know everyone!